Childhood Obesity: talking & listening to your kids

Childhood obesity is a challenging problem. As difficult as it is for a parent to acknowledge that their child is overweight, it is even more daunting for that parent to figure out how to even being to talk to the child about loosing weight. Many parents wonder if they should have the discussion at all. Some experts worry that discussing weight issues with kids may create body image problems, … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect? Not in this year’s camp pics!

If you want proof that the kids and teens of our society have a weight problem, are obese, all you have to do is check out the online camp photos of any overnight camp this year compared with last year or the year before. Seeing is believing – and shocking. It’s time we realize our kids are collectively eating too much and not moving enough. I hear from families that their kids are often but the … [Read more...]

“Whole Foods” needs a diet, says CEO, and we need to watch where we shop!

I have to say, I wasn’t shocked by the WSJ blog post “Whole Foods CEO: ‘We Sell a Bunch of Junk’. All you have to do is walk through the aisles of any Whole Foods to know this is true. Long gone are the health foods, although the fresh fruits, veggies and meats are still top notch. I have to agree with the WSJ that Whole Foods has become more of a  “food boutique” than a “health food store” and … [Read more...]

Happy Meals at 30: still packing caloric punches on our kids 3 decades later!

It’s always a bit of a landmark when something like the Happy Meal reaches a big milestone in years. This week marks it’s 30th anniversary of being introduced into our lives. That’s a lot of years, a lot of meals and a lot of small cute toys! A meal in a box…who would have thought! I do remember when they first came out and parents with little kids flocked to them like flies to sticky paper. … [Read more...]