Child Obesity Plateaus But The Work Is Not Yet Done

We learned recently that child obesity is finally leveling off! This is great news but we can't relax yet. Weight problems are life long issues and just because the scale is leveling off now, that doesn't mean it won't yo-yo for these kids later. What they need is continued support at home, at school and in the community.That's why program's like Boston Children's Hospitals' OWL (optimal weight … [Read more...]

Three For Tuesday: Autism, Vanity and Teen Obesity

Well, it didn't take long for headlines from yesterday's list to make the news...hours in fact! And, just as the KidsHealth editors predicted, the list has already grown! But, that's the nature of child's three headlines that caught my eye with one from the list and two not officially on the list but important nonetheless - and arguably honorable mentions for "the" list:From the … [Read more...]

Battling Obesity One Step At A Time

This headline shouldn't be news to any of us. Obesity is one of the epidemics of today's culture in all societies. You just have to flip on the evening news or surf the web and glance at families in other countries to see just how large the population of the globe has become.According to the Reuters, a study published in this week's journal Circulation found that 24% of men and 27% of women who … [Read more...]

Seeing is believing with overweight kids, and the culprit.

Another headline for a story we could write verbatim before we read. According to Reuters Health, "Tough choices tempt kids at every turn -- whether it is soda in school, junk food ads on TV or the fast-food chain around the corner -- and school policies limiting physical activity only make matters worse, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday."We know this. As I've said before, do we really need … [Read more...]