You Are What Your Kids Eat!

It should be simple. Adult goes to grocery store. Adult buys food for family - some kid-friendly items and some adult favorites. Kids eat kid food and adults eat adult food. If only it were that simple.A news report this week indicates that adults are more likely to eat the kid food - and this is having a dramatic impact on adult calorie count and weight gain. In many ways, this is not a surprise. … [Read more...]

You Are What You Drink!

And, this is just what the Coca-Cola company wants you to believe on their web site with the headline: Quench Your Thirst With Coffee.They write:For years, conventional wisdom said that we need eight cups of water daily forproper hydration. Not so, say new scientific guidelines from the The Institute ofMedicine of the National Academy of Science (IOM/NAS).All beverages, including those that … [Read more...]

Be Strong to the Finish, but Don’t Eat That Spinach!

So, it worked for Popeye, and can work for you and your family. But for now, avoid bagged spinach.The FDA reported this week that a multistate outbreak of the E.Coli Bacteria has been traced back to bagged spinach. So far, 9 states are involved: Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah Wisconsin, and Ohio. The source of the spread is still under investigation but experts … [Read more...]