Kids and Milk: the scoop on flavoring and calcium

Got milk? Most refrigerators do, but most kids’ bodies do not once they get past the ripe old age of 2. It’s like an unspoken force in the universe that says to all toddlers at some point “thou shall not drink milk!”  With future bone health at stake, the path to breaking this force within our kids turns out to be one of the most counter intuitive, yet simple methods there is: flavoring the milk. … [Read more...]

Being Healthy Means Living Healthy, Not Spending Bucks

I opened a fortune cookie the other day, expecting it to say something relatively nonsensical or meaningless, only to have it read: “Money is not everything. You can buy a doctor but not heath.” This fortune tells the story of more people than most of us can count, including most of us at times. All too often we fall into trap of thinking that the more we spend on health the healthier we will … [Read more...]

A Dose of Dr. Gwenn Hot Off The Presses Companion Page (Show 5)

Show #5 Companion Page: Hot Off The PressesEvery month, we hear on the news and read online and in our daily newspapers (if you still have one in print where you live!) about the studies that impact our family's life. These studies run the gamut in study focus and theme and can often be hard to interpret."Hot Off The Presses" will pull the needles from the haystack for you and help you make sense … [Read more...]

Stay Healthy and Fit All Holiday Season Long!

Staying healthy this time of year is an enormous challenge. Our daily routine of healthy eating and exercise quickly gets replaces with food to go, treats, and parties gallore. And, let's be brutally honest with each other, exercise gets either put on the back burner and truncated considerably or tossed out the window altogether until after New Year's Eve!Last year one of the Pediatrics Now Fit … [Read more...]