Are your kids milk allergic? Take heart…a new study reports it may be reversible!

Getting kids to drink milk past the infancy period is the bane of many parents existance. Between true milk allergies, milk intolerance and kids who just don't like milk it becomes a true uphill battle to get enough milk into kids past the age of about 18months or so. Some lucky parents may be able to push that to 2 years of age but then it drops off considerably.The problem, of course, is bone … [Read more...]

Is your kid a picky eater? Try a cooking class!

Do you know what one of the first books I received as a child was? A cookbook. My grandmothers loved to cook. My fondest memories of my childhood were of both my grandmothers in the kitchen cooking. Two of my most cherished childhood books that I've kept all these years for my own children are those cookbooks and now I'm constantly updating a cookbook of my own of all the family recipes I want my … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Being Fat Can Damage The Liver, Even As A Teen

With a new school year up on and the nice weather still around, now is the time for parents to take a moment to really look at their kids and be very realistic about their weights. Now isn't the time to be unrealistic and continue the same old excuses or euphemisms such as "his dad was big as a kid." Or "she just has a little baby fat hanging around." Or "I don't see a problem", when you are … [Read more...]

Where food is concerned, everything in moderation is best for kids

At the movies the other day, I saw an odd sight. A mom and her two young kids sat down near us before the movies. The mom was carrying one large popcorn and a very large drink which I learned from the kids' clamoring was lemonade. The mom was barely in her seat with the popcorn and drink on the table before the kids began to claw at each other to gain control over the snacks. I've never seen kids … [Read more...]

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