Trying to shed some pounds? Keep a Diary!

Summer time is a great time to try and get into shape - for all of us, including our kids. But, many people, including kids, find that diet and exercise alone don't always work. A new report offers a suggestion that may be the key to the weight loss lock many have been seeking: a food log or diary.This isn't a new idea. Many weight loss programs have a food diary or log as a key feature. What … [Read more...]

Coffee Lovers Rejoice! A New Study Says Java May be Good For Your Heart.

My kids laugh that I'm "addicted to the bean". If I'm not myself on any given day, the first thing one of them will ask is how much java I've had - they assume my off mood is due to not having too much coffee, but not having enough. I used to worry that I was drinking too much coffee and have pondered switching to 1/2 caf or trying to cut down, but after reading today's headlines, I'm not changing … [Read more...]

The Food Pyramid Gets A Facelift

When the "new" food pyramid was released a few years ago, I have to admit, I found it difficult to sell it to people, especially families. It was hard to follow, bulky and contained too much information. It's not that the suggestions were not reasonable, they were just too much to take in at once or incorporate into today's busy lifestyles. Turns out I'm not alone in my concern and confusion over … [Read more...]

5 Foods To Eat Every Day…but what about the kids?

FoxNews posted a great article called “5 Foods To Eat Every Day”. Fantastic tips that we’d all be wise to incorporate into our life styles. But, reading the article, I couldn’t help but ask…what about the kids?? My girls are 10 and 13 and at uber picky ages. At times they amaze me and will try new things but most days they are, well, typical kids. We have to be realistic that there is a good … [Read more...]