More Than a Bump on a Head

Kids today play hard. From pickup games to organized sports, children are playing more aggressively and at younger ages than previous generations. With increased participation and younger ages comes a higher risk of injury particularly to the developing brain. The scenarios for injury are endless but the concerns are always the same: is my child’s brain ok? When is it safe to return to sports? … [Read more...]

Celebrity Behavior Out of Control: Williams and West UnPlugged

Did you see these recent celebrity outbursts?First, Serena Williams on the court of of the US Open showing one of the worst displays of poor sportsmanship ever displayed by an elite athlete in a very, very long time:Second, Kanye West at last night's VMA awards attempting to steal Taylor Swift's thunder (only to have it backfire the entire evening):William's refuses to apologize, making matters … [Read more...]

Pedroia to fans: thanks for the vote but family has to come first!

First Pedroia missed a regular season game , now he’s bowing out of the All Star game. Why? Because family is sometimes more important than baseball. Pedroia’s statement tells the entire story. From the statement, it’s obvious that, while disappointed he won’t be able to play, family is more important and that he has the full support of the Red Sox organization. … [Read more...]

If Pedroia can miss a ball game, so can your kids!

This week Dustin Pedroia, the 09 AL MVP, was MIA from the roster of the Boston Red Sox Vs. Oakland games because of a “family matter”. It turns out his wife, Kelli, is expecting their first child and went into preterm labor at 7 months. With the blessing of his team and manager, Terry Francona, Petroia spent the night in the hospital with his wife. Francona noted that “There was no other choice – … [Read more...]