Avoiding the burn of summer heat waves

Talking hitting the ground running on the first couple days of Summer! Instead of our typical slow slide into the uber high temperatures of July, we're starting off the first few days of summer with an official heat wave - the type that creates the official heat advisories, the opening of cooling centers, and such discomfort when you go outside, you just don't. We all know that summer sun packs … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget Fun and Free Time This Summer For Your Kids

A couple years ago, I watched a fantastic episode of┬áChronicle HD just around the time school was getting out for the summer. During that show, the host, Ted Reinstein, concluded with a particularly witty and poignant on air column: "Let Summer Be Summer". The entire show was about summer and Ted had just a few opinions about what that should be about for kids. Here are a few highlights from the … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Tool Box

It's summer vacation! Whether staying close to home or traveling to some exotic destination, the sunny, warm weather will beckon us all outside to take part in a multitude of activities from sight seeing to sports. Before you head out on your next adventure, though, consider the special activities you'll be doing and make sure you're prepared for the unique elements the summer season and the … [Read more...]

Bug Of The Month: Lyme Disease

Technical Names: Lyme Disease Lyme Map: Lyme has a definite geographic distribution.┬áAccording to the CDC you'll find Lyme in these three areas: Northeast: Massachusetts to Maryland. North-central states: especially Wisconsin and Minnesota. West Coast: especially northern California. Nicknames: Lyme Disease, Lyme What it is: tick-borne infection from ticks of the Ixodes genussed by … [Read more...]

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