The best cure for chaos: helping kids in need

We've had a long standing tradition in my family to give to kids in need every holiday season.  My husband and I started buying toys to toss into the Toys For Tots box when we were dating and passed the tradition onto our daughters once they were born. It's a great feeling to know kids in need will have a toy to open during the holidays. … [Read more...]

Attention Shoppers! Santa Could Use Your Help.

The shopping season is officially upon us - as of midnight last night in fact. If only it were that easy for everyone - many families in our own communities have barely enough resources to provide food and shelter let alone holiday gifts. Santa could use a little help reaching these folks this month - which gives us all an opportunity to play elf.The New England Home for Little Wanderers is … [Read more...]

Sometimes Santa Needs Some Help

While many of us are fortunate to have the resources to create a wonderful holiday in our own homes, not all families in Massachusetts are so luck. Each year the Boston Globe has sponsored Globe Santa that brings the holiday to families in need. What's unique about this charitable program is there is an application process with verification before funds are distributed on behalf of a family. … [Read more...]

Wanted All Gently Used Coats

Goodwill and Macy’s Partner for Winter Warmth What do you do with your family's winter coats that no longer fit?? How about this for an idea:From November 6-12 in the Northwest region, customers who donate a clean, gently-used coat receive a coupon for $20 off the purchase of any regular-priced coat for men or women or $10 off children’s coats. From November 8-13 in the Midwest region, customers … [Read more...]