You Give Thanks, Virgin Helps The Worlds Water Supply

Dr. Gwenn's blogging break needs to pause to bring you this important message about a way you can help the world we all live in keep the water supply flowing in places that really need it. Virgin Money has a campaign called "You Give Thanks...We give $1.00 for Clean Water". It's simple. You enter a photo with a caption of what you are thankful for this week and Virgin Money will donate $1.00 to … [Read more...]

Holiday Giving Makes You Happier!

In the November, O, The Oprah Magazine, I noticed a 1/2 page "O Stats" (page 56) that read:"People who volunteer are 42% more likely than people who don't to say they are 'VERY HAPPY' with their lives."The editors then listed three ways to think about giving during this holiday season that I wanted to pass on:1. Think Locally: - links you with organizations in your area that … [Read more...]

Giving To Charity A Click A Day

Many people have a cycle for their charitable giving. Some people do a little all year 'round while others cluster it during the holidays or in the fall or spring when organizations and schools do their annual campaigns.For our kids, one of the best lessons we can teach them is the importance of giving back in small ways daily and sometimes I fear we all get so busy we forget that lesson. We wait … [Read more...]

Today is International MPS Awareness Day

Today is MPS awareness day. MPS is a rare genetic disease that occurs in 1 out of every 25,000 live births. MPS stands for mucopolysaccharidoses and is actually “a family of rare, potentially fatal genetic diseases that occur because of the inability to produce specific enzymes.” It is one of the lysosomal storage diseases and there are actually 7 types. Some of the names you may be familiar … [Read more...]