Musings of a working mom: Monday Madness

So far this Monday is starting off well: I’m caffeinated; we got through the entire morning with out sibling spats and out the door on time; I actually did my workout before the kids went to school; and the Red Sox home opener is tomorrow. So, I'll have something fun to watch while I write! So, today so far is a good day. The good day vs bad day scale has a mind of its own but I can predict which … [Read more...]

Sesame Street Beginnings: to watch or not to watch

Who can resist the cute appeal of baby Elmo and Cookie Monster? I have to admit, I still enjoy watching these characters with my nephews. And, in a weak moment, I'll even catch my "tween"age daughters pausing on "Sesame Street" as they flip the channels for the few times a day they do watch TV.The last 2 weeks, the media waves have been inundated with articles and posts on blogs about the new … [Read more...]

MCAS Musings

While I'm knee deep in MCAS, and helping a very unsure third grader get through her first experience with this annual rite of passage, I'm struck with a few MCAS musings. We can argue the merits of the test and whether the amount of testing serves the purpose intended another time; for now, here are my reflections on my 3rd and 5th graders' MCAS moments so far:1. Let's not tell them they … [Read more...]