Sparingly & rarely is my advice on OTC med use in kids

Here we go again. Another flu season is barely underway and new concerns emerge on the safety of OTC medication dosing in children. This time, though, not because of a recall or untoward event  but  from a study. Released recently in JAMA, this new study highlights what has been suspected for a while - that dosing in OTC medications is incredibly variable due to inconsistencies from bottle to … [Read more...]

Strollers Are Not Designed for Escalators!

There’s an epidemic at our malls: parents taking their small children up and down escalators in strollers of all sorts of sizes and shapes. I ended up behind one such parent yesterday and found strollers heading up and down all afternoon. Some were small, some large. Some had bags dangling off of them, others not. Sometimes parents had both hands on the handles, other times they were balancing the … [Read more...]

Is Vicks Vaporub safe for infants and kids? A new study wants to know.

Vicks Vaporub is one of those products that has caused controversy for years in the child health world. While some parents swear by it for helping relieve their children's nasal congestion caused by typical colds and flus, there's been a lingering concern about safety in the medical profession.A Wake Forest University study published in Chest shows that Vicks vaporub may increase mucous in the … [Read more...]

Peanut butter, Peanut butter in the jar, should I worry about you at all?

Peanut butter is once again in the news causing food poisoning from salmonella in 42 states. Unlike the past recalls of retail brands (such as the infamous Peter Pan scare), however, this current outbreak is limited to institutional sales such as to schools and universities, hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants.According to multiple news sources, King Nut based in the midwest discovered … [Read more...]