Top Ten Worst Toys of 2008

It may look cute and cuddly. It may seem like the perfect gift for the biggest Pooh fan in your family. But, did you know this toy is actually dangerous and is on this year's W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm) list? It turns out, this toy is a choking hazard. And, many other popular toys have hidden issues you need to be aware of before you hit the stories and fill your holiday wish … [Read more...]

Toy Law Aimed to Make Toys Safer

This is good news after all the recalls and concerns of the past year with so many toys.The proposed law would ban the use of the chemicals in toys we have been most concerned about recently: lead and phthalates. Assuming the law doesn't get vetoed by President Bush, it would take effect in 6months. Even without this law, WalMart, ToysRUs and BabiesRUS have gone on record stating they will no … [Read more...]

Sleep, Baby, Sleep…Just Watch Where!

This is very alarming! There's been an increase in nursery-related injuries since 2005 that doesn't seem to be related to product safety. As reported by the Wall Street Journal today, "(n)ursery products were involved in 66,400 injuries that sent children to emergency rooms in 2006, an 11% increase from the year earlier, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.The agency said in a … [Read more...]

Toy Alert: Beware Of Small Magnets

This story on ABC News yesterday is a good reminder that some toys that appear safe, may not be so.ABC's JuJu Chang reported about a boy who swallowed a magnet from a Magnetix set that caused severe intestinal perforation. 4 year old Braden Eberle managed to break free a piece of the set and swallowed it. The two magnetic pieces started to seek each other out through the intestinal wall causing … [Read more...]