When doctors talk, do parents hear?

At work this past weekend, I saw three families who made me wonder: when we talk, what do parents hear? The same could be asked for when TV reporters talk or when authoritative figures like the FDA or the American Academy of Pediatrics talk. Do parents even listen? And, more importantly, do they listen enough to follow the advice given? Thankfully, most parents do listen but a number do not and … [Read more...]

Friday Wrap up: Autism, Moms, Medicines, Happiness and Stars

The end of this week was loaded with interesting news that impacts our lives and our kids in different ways. Some of these headlines provide information and clarity on medical issues impacting our lives while others help us sort out the nuts and bolts of basic living. And, tossed in the headline salad is a celebrity headline that has teachable moments for our impressionable offspring.Autism and … [Read more...]

Making your toy list in the age of toy recalls…easier than you’d think!

With all the choices of toys and games and this year's concern of toy safety with the oodles of recalls, choosing gifts for the youngest members on your holiday list may seen daunting and impossible. Actually, there are many more choices than you may realize if you start to break down the kids on your list a bit more developmentally and take a moment to really think about the child from the inside … [Read more...]

Toys For The Season

Whether for a birthday gift, holiday, or special treat, buying a toy for a child is not always easy. There are so many choices of toys and products and so many different opinions, it can be daunting to decide what to get. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you'll have a better idea where to start the hunt for the younger members of your holiday shopping list. For any gift, it's always smart to … [Read more...]

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