Back To School Tips

Preparing for a new school year can be  overwhelming and catch even the most organized parent off guard. It seems to come out of no where,  and suddenly families coast to coast find themselves back in  school mode. … [Read more...]

Grades Matter But Quality Childhood Matters More!

Starting school is always such a surreal experience for a family. As this annual rite of passage rolls around, I'm reminded of how important it is to help our kids remember they are so much more than the sum of their grades, test scores, and project results! Think back on your childhood. What do you remember? Is it grades? Teachers? Homework amount? Did you have standardized tests, and if so, … [Read more...]

Traffic School: Don’t run red and yellow lights!!

I live in an area where there are some fun areas to walk to. To get to my favorite rehydrating spot, I have to first cross one sticky intersection. What makes it sticky is this: This curious light combination is very common in Massachusetts so shouldn't cause any confusion to drivers who, like me, have been driving around the state for a long time, perhaps even for life. For those of you out of … [Read more...]

Congrats, Parents and Kids, Another School Year Well Done!

With this year's school year ending and all the award ceremonies and talk of achievements and accomplishments, let's talk stock that while some achievements merit that added not at a ceremony with a certificate and a hand shake, most others are harder to pin down and require us parents to point out. In fact, those are the ones that often matter most! So, as school ends and summer starts to sneak … [Read more...]