Sparingly & rarely is my advice on OTC med use in kids

Here we go again. Another flu season is barely underway and new concerns emerge on the safety of OTC medication dosing in children. This time, though, not because of a recall or untoward event  but  from a study. Released recently in JAMA, this new study highlights what has been suspected for a while - that dosing in OTC medications is incredibly variable due to inconsistencies from bottle to … [Read more...]

Children’s Medication Recall: What you need to know

The massive recall last weekend of some of the most popular medications is unsettling, disturbing and concerning. Thankfully, it was done as a precautionary move before any child was harmed and there are generic alternatives of all the medications recalled, at sufficient supply. Still...having 40 popular medications recalled by one of today's most trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers rocks our … [Read more...]

Health Care Reform Passes. But, who really wins?

So, the Health Care Reform Bill passes yesterday in the House. Some people want to embrace this moment as a victory because any health care bill that becomes law is better than nothing. I heard a lot of "this was a long time coming", "finally", "it was our time yesterday", and comments like that. I also heard a great deal of "time will tell", "who is the really winner?", "is it a victory with a … [Read more...]

Prescription Filling Is Dangerous to Our Wallets

Like most Americans, I have a few prescriptions I fill regularly. Seems to come with age, even though I’m not that old! A couple of these prescriptions I’ve had for years – same drug and same dose, and with the same insurance company. Mid-January, I went to my local CVS to fill one of the prescriptions and the pharmacist who rang up the transaction picked up the bag twice, typed a few things in … [Read more...]