How much Tylenol or Motrin can I safely give my child?

Q) Dr. Gwenn: I have an 11month old son who weighs 20lbs. How much Tylenol or Motrin can I give him? Thanks! AC, Massachusetts … [Read more...]

Help grandma organize her pills for her safety and your children’s.

If you are a family with kids and have grandparents or great grandparents alive, you likely enjoy visiting with your relatives from time to time. While your small children may not always get much out of these visits, especially while very young, they do wonders for our older relatives who so enjoy visits from family and delight in seeing us become parents and expand our families. I remember … [Read more...]

Is Vicks Vaporub safe for infants and kids? A new study wants to know.

Vicks Vaporub is one of those products that has caused controversy for years in the child health world. While some parents swear by it for helping relieve their children's nasal congestion caused by typical colds and flus, there's been a lingering concern about safety in the medical profession.A Wake Forest University study published in Chest shows that Vicks vaporub may increase mucous in the … [Read more...]

The Common Cold and Childhood Asthma

Earlier this week, ABC News reported ran a story with the headline "Baltimore Boy's Death Raises Concerns Over Cold Virus". The story is scary because what started as a common cold for third grader Anthony Scott progressed to an asthma attack and he, sadly, died.His community was understandably panicked because his illness did begin as a common cold from adenovirus and a child did die. However, … [Read more...]