Cipro and Kids: What You Need To Know

I learned about the FDA black box warning on Cipro yesterday from a friends who emailed me asking "isn't this one of the antibiotics used for ear infections?" Great question because it is - at least in drop form. Many kids who get ear tubes placed are given Cipro or a cousin of Cipro for ear infections and I can see where this report would be alarming to them. What did I tell my friend? Reports … [Read more...]

Children and Medication Reactions: what you need to know

We give medications to our kids for many reasons and by in large medications are safe. But, medication reactions do sometimes develop and many parents do worry a great deal about this - especially if they've had a drug reaction themselves or read about something online or heard a story on the evening news.I just posted about this topic over at A Dose of Dr. Gwenn to help you have the information … [Read more...]

Which comes first, the food dye ban or the behavior?

With the call for a ban on food dyes, I couldn’t help but wonder if the dye is causing the behavior or the expectation of the behavior is being blamed on the dye?We've all experienced wild behaviors in our kids after eating some foods - usually sugary foods. But, can we say for sure what the culprit is? Is it really the dye? Is it the sugar? Or, is this really a coincidence and the behavior is … [Read more...]

Dangerous Drinks and Misleading Pills

It's over the counter or on the shelf of a store so it must be ok, right? Not so fast. There is a false sense of security created by being able to drive to the local store and just grab these items and come home. There are actually three potential dangers lucking that I want to let you know about today:energy drinks that teens are drinkingplacebo pills coming on the market today intended for … [Read more...]