30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

    As part of Invisible Illness Week, I decided to do my part as someone actively living with an “invisible illness” and share part of my story. I’ve long held the notion that part of my journey towards good health involves not only making my situation visible to those in my my life, and understandable, but doing my part to create awareness. … [Read more...]

Healthy Life Begins With Individual Changes

With the federal health reform bill inching closer to becoming a true law, it's still up for debate whether it will even begin to put a dent in turning around our very confusing, disjointed, expensive and chaotic health care system. The issue, of course, is that health insurance is not even the tip of the iceberg. Without reforming the innards of the health care system and giving people a … [Read more...]

Beyond the Checkup: The many Faces of Your Pediatrician 2011

A few years ago, I treated an adorable 6 month old infant girl in the ER for a cold.  The EMR (electronic medical record) highlighted that the family had recently been to the ER for a variety of other common complaints: diaper rashes, colic, sleep and breastfeeding problems - all issues that could have been handled in any pediatric office. As this visit concluded, I mentioned that their … [Read more...]

Seeking Second Opinions

Thankfully most children are healthy and many will never need the care of a specialist. But should you find yourself in a situation that requires input beyond your pediatrician, there are some important issues to consider. Here’s a true story that will shed some light on the issues to consider.   A writing colleague’s two year old son developed a snoring problem so severe it interfered with … [Read more...]