How well do you know your family tree?

It's been years since my grandmother died yet I only found out recently that she was a migraine sufferer. This was very helpful to my doctor in helping me with my migraines, and for my daughter's neurologist who was not surprised my daughter at age 7 developed migraines given my family history. Do you know your family history? If not, you are in good company. As educated as many of us are, and as … [Read more...]

Dr. Gwenn’s Top Health Headlines of the Month

As promised, here are the top health headlines from August. I apologize for a bit of a delay. My computer seems to have caught an early fall virus which kept it home from work for a few days! 10. Listen Up! A interesting perspective on the state of pediatrics today.9. The Bursting Sports Bubble. School is back and youth sports are already in full swing. This story helps us put in perspective how … [Read more...]

Listen Up!

If only it were that easy! Dr. McEvoy's article in yesterday's Health Section of the Boston Globe resonated with me on so many levels as a parent and a pediatrician. As a pediatrician, we really do spend too much time on data collection and not enough on old fashioned talking. As a parent, more times than not our questions go unanswered as the clock runs out.Dr. McEvoy's descriptions of a typical … [Read more...]

Dr. Gwenn’s Top Ten Health Headlines of the Month

Health headlines change faster than the wind. During the first week of each month, I'm going to post a top ten list of my favorite health headlines - headlines that are thought provoking, interesting and actually impact our lives. There are many other headlines out there but here are my favorites from July: 10.Tough Topics: Confronting evil in an examination room This account of a local … [Read more...]