Sparingly & rarely is my advice on OTC med use in kids

Here we go again. Another flu season is barely underway and new concerns emerge on the safety of OTC medication dosing in children. This time, though, not because of a recall or untoward event  but  from a study. Released recently in JAMA, this new study highlights what has been suspected for a while - that dosing in OTC medications is incredibly variable due to inconsistencies from bottle to … [Read more...]

A Step in the Right Direction for Prevention!

I'm really liking our new Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin. Her focus is spot on with prevention and cost cutting needing to be the guiding principles to get all Americans on the to good, long-term health. In her June, 18, 2010 post "Investing in Prevention", Dr. Benjamin outlined the details of the Affordable Care Act which, she writes, "created a new Prevention and Public Health Fund … [Read more...]

Good Physicians Embrace The Art of Medicine, Not Random Guidelines

Have you ever consulted a doctor for an opinion about your health but found yourself unsure whether to follow the advice given? Even as a physician, I’ve been in that position and it isn’t at all comfortable. In my case, I suddenly found my self with achy joints, not an uncommon situation for adults as they “get older”. The problem is I’m not that old! I was soon diagnosed with a form of … [Read more...]

Getting Today’s Broken Health Care System To Work For You

While our government leaders are busy debate “health reform”, I often get the sense they forget that most of us have medical needs now that need to get addressed in today’s very broken system. Our medical needs and those of our kids are actually blind and deaf to their discussions because they just wanted to get addressed – today. While today’s system is far from perfect, there is still a lot … [Read more...]