The State of the Union needs to focus on the right state of the health care system

With all eyes and ears on President Obama's first State of the Union address tonight, I can't help but wonder what issues he'll raise with the health care reform debacle. In my mind there is only one, physician work place issues.   Sure, insurance and payment is important as is curtailing our out of control malpractice culture but until we find a way to really repair the issues of the health care … [Read more...]

Senator-Elect Scott Brown and Health Care: Is he right?

Sitting here in my home office in Massachusetts today, I'm not surprised State Senator Scott Brown won late Senator Ted Kennedy's seat...his momentum has been brewing for weeks and yesterday's results should not have come as a surprise to anyone in Massachusetts or across the country. This is clearly a day of reflection for some old time Massachusetts residents. Many still want to hold on to that … [Read more...]

Health Job Postings & The Health of Pediatrics

The WSJ Blog posted yesterday that health care job postings are up and that the health care job market is "strong". According to the post, "The business research group said that “advertised vacancies for healthcare practitioners or technical occupations outnumbered the unemployed looking for work in this field by almost 3 to 1,” citing November data." While it's true that more job openings than … [Read more...]

Top Pediatrics Trends 1999-2009

The last decade has produced some amazing changes in child health. Recently, I consulted some of the top pediatricians in the country to figure out where we’ve come from and where we are going next.  Some of these changes may surprise you, so hold on to your seat! … [Read more...]