Book Review: Little Elephant with the Big Earache by Charlotte Cowan, MD

Two of the toughest areas of life to explain to kids, especially young kids, are health and illness. Dr. Charlotte Cowan tackles this task with just the right touch of information and humor for kids and parents in her book, The Little Elephant with the Big Earache. What I loved about the story was how realistic it was without being overwhelming - for parent or child. Dr. Cowan was able to capture … [Read more...]


TWEENS AND TEENS Don't Buy It, Get Media Smart It just looks so cool but should you buy it? Check out this site to learn how to be a smart shopper and avoid marketing hype. How The Body Works by KidsHealth KidsHealth Videos on how your body works. It's My Life, PBS Staying home alone, friendship issues, school pressures...It is your life but sometimes a little information can go a long way in … [Read more...]

KidZone: Just for Fun

Activity TV (index) An activity based video-web site for parents and kids. Everything your older child and tween could imaginedoing is on this site from cooking to summer fun! The best part is the family involvement so check it out!! Club Penguin Get in touch with your inner penguin on this site! Play games and interact with other penguins. Ages 9+. Discovery Kids Great site for games, puzzles, … [Read more...]

Disney’s Up!: it may be animated but it’s not at all a kids’ film

Disney/Pixar’s Up has been the rage of reviews since it opened. Looking fun and having a cool story, I decided to take my 6th grade daughter and her friend last weekend, and was joined by just about every other family in a 10 mile radius – the theater was packed with kids in age from young toddlers to older teens. It’s not a surprising site these days to see young kids in a PG movie. Most … [Read more...]

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