Keeping Halloween Safe Thanks To Cell Phones and APPS

My kids couldn’t wait to go trick or treating alone with their friends. We, however, had some trepidation. But, come Middle School and High School, we caved and came up with a plan with other parents to make it happen. The kids had fun and all the parents survived watching our kids spread their wings of independence. When our kids walked out the door dressed as witches, superheros, cartons of … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: First Snow

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Halloween Isn’t The Same Without Those Orange Boxes

We had a great Halloween over all. Many fun costumes. Lots of smiling faces. Huge amounts of candy. But, none of these: Do you remember these from the Halloween's of your youth? You should. Unicef is celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year of "Trick or Treat for Unicef". I'm not entirely sure when I recall them disappearing from my town but I'm certainly my girls had these familiar orange … [Read more...]

A Safe and Happy Halloween

My oldest daughter has always remembered loving Halloween. As a toddler, she would dress up and stand at the door handing out candy. As a tween, she and her friends planned the event for months down from costume coordination to candy gathering neighborhood map. Now, as a teenager still don costumes and either stay at home as a group handing out candy to the younger kids or go about the … [Read more...]

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