Upcoming 2017 Speaking Programs

Keynote Speaker: The BUGL conference, Reykjavik, Iceland
Anticipated Topic: The impact of social media on emotional wellbeing of teenagers

2015/2016 Speaking Programs

Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Speaker and Blog Post writer, Flu Shot Testing for Roche Pharmaceuticals

2014 Speaking Programs

Jan. 2014

Speaker, Panel on Social Media and Information Technology

Improving the health, safety and well being of Youth Adults: a workshop on State Polices and Programs and Social Media and Information Technology, Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC

April 2014

Southborough Public Schools conference for students grades 6-8 and parents: Digital Citizenship & Mishaps

May 2014

Grand Rounds, Department of OB/GYN, New England Medical Center, Boston, MA

2012 Speaking Programs

Nov 2012

Hollison Public Schools, Holliston, MA
CyberSafety Awareness Day Event, Keynote Speaker and Book Signing

Keynote Speaker, Book Signing and Breakout Session Speaker
Mohsen Ziai Pediatric Conference
Washington, DC

Oct 2012

American Academy of Pediatrics NCE
Council on Communications and Media Council Program Speaker

May 2012

Keynote Address: Protecting and Empowering Digital Kids
Middlesex Partnership for Youth, Sponsored by the MA DA’s office

3 Rivers Pediatrics update course and Alumni Summit: Keynote Address, Bass Lecture
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg, Pittsburg, PA
Talks: Infants, IPhones and Angry Birds; CyberSafety 911

2011 Speaking Programs

Dec. 2011

Cincinatti Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH
Topic: Lyon Lecture on CyberSafety and Cyberbullying for Today’s Pediatrician

Nov. 2011 

Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters, Norfolk, VA
Topics: CyberSafety for Today’s Educators and Parents; Texting, Gaming and Social Media

Oct. 2011 

Framingham Public Library, Framingham, MA
Topic: CyberSafety for Today’s Parents

April 2011

Invited Presenter
New York City Council Hearing, New York, NY
Hearing: Oversite: The Effects of Social Networking on Children

March 2011

Perspectives In Pediatrics Course
Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami, FL
Topic: Cybersafety for Pediatricians

Digital Media Literacy Conference, Long Beach, CA
Panel: Designing for Mobile Learning

Yahoo! Digital Citizenship Summit and CEU Book Signing , Palm Springs, CA
Panel: Digital Citizenship

January 2011

Grand Rounds
Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami, FL
Topic: CyberSafety for the Pediatrician

2009-2010 Speaking Programs

Nov. 2010

Family Online Safety Institute, Washington, DC
Panel Participant: Online Safety and Behavior

June 2010

FTC Round Table Discussion COPPA Act, Panel Member “Actual Knowledge”
Washington, DC (June 2, 2010)

April 2010

American Lung Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
Topic: “Twitter, Facebooks and Blogs, Oh, My”

Nov. 2009

Family Online Safety Institute, Washington, DC
Panel: Exploring Why Kids Behave The Way They Do Online Panel

Oct. 2009

American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition, Washington, DC
Session Talk: “Calling Dr. Google”
Panel for Resident Section: “Working with the Media”

Sept. 2009

Newton Mother’s Forum, Newton, MA
Topic: Hot Topics in Pediatrics

July 2009

BlogHer Annual Conference, Chicago, IL
Topic: HealthCare by Committee Panel: speaker and moderator

April 2009

National Association of Medical Communicators Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, NM
Topics: “Dr. Google…the other doctor in the exam room”; “Ethics in Social Media”

Plymouth State University Eating Disorder Conference, Meredith, NH
“YouTube’s Thinspiration Videos: what they really mean”


Updated: 10/31/2016



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