The Wakefield Paper Retraction: a violation of medical ethics is always bad news

It's an unusual situation. In fact, during my entire medical career, including my years as a medical student and resident, I can not recall a single other moment that compares to what occurred yesterday. Yesterday was a first. You have to understand, respected medical journals commonly print errors and omissions from printed studies to set the record straight. But, retract a published scientific … [Read more...]

Infant Head Size and Autism: Any link?

Q) Dear Dr. Gwenn: My grandson recently had his 9 months check up. At birth and 3rd month check up his head size was in the 55% range. His weight and height wereclose to the 90%.At the latest 9 months checkup, his head size was in the 90th% and his weight and height were lower than the earlier months, more like 75th percentile. His developmental milestones have been very normal or above. He's … [Read more...]

New Autism Study

Fox Boston Appearance October 6, 2009 New Autism Study from Pediatrics … [Read more...]

What the new Autism Study Means for You

This week's new Autism study in Pediatrics has created a great deal of conversation...and confusion! I discussed the study today on Fox Boston to help shed some light on what this study is really about...and what we can learn about it's implications for the future of Autism: For more information, check out 33 Charts AAP's Autism Study Parenting Handout The New Autism Study: why the fine print … [Read more...]