Keeping Halloween Safe Thanks To Cell Phones and APPS

My kids couldn’t wait to go trick or treating alone with their friends. We, however, had some trepidation. But, come Middle School and High School, we caved and came up with a plan with other parents to make it happen. The kids had fun and all the parents survived watching our kids spread their wings of independence. When our kids walked out the door dressed as witches, superheros, cartons of … [Read more...]

How do you feel about public cell phone talking?

During my recent travels to DC, I was privy to conversations about teenagers, business transaction, child care arrangements, marital issues, gossip, among other things! These conversations have occurred while someone I didn’t know was on a cell phone yabbering away in a variety of settings: the mall, supermarket, airport (waiting areas, on the plane, restaurants), coffee shops, restaurants, on … [Read more...]

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