Regrouping this week with our families

Earlier today I sent out this tweet: MA families - it's still school vacation week. Family time is the best way to help our kids regroup from tough events. Will post ideas soon. — Dr. Gwenn (@DrGwenn) April 16, 2013 As promised, here’s some ideas of ways you can spend time with your kids this week. These are some of my family’s “go to” activities and have been since my girls were really … [Read more...]

Voting Starts at Home

Do you remember your first Presidential Election? I remember mine. I was in Mrs. P’s class in 1976. It was the Carter/Ford election year. We followed the entire process starting in September. … [Read more...]

Note to Parents: Not all venues are “all ages”. Get a Sitter!

I'm all for a good family day with parents and kids together but I've noticed a disturbing trend lately of parents taking kids to events that are clearly "adult".   I can't help but wonder if today's modern parent's need to share has blurred too many parents minds to common sense. Let me give you two examples. On our cruise to Bermuda last summer, there was an "adult only" show by Second City. … [Read more...]

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