CyberSecurity Tip 17 and 18 : UnPlugged Weekend!

It's the weekend!! What are you doing reading this post?? Today is your day to disconnect, go off the grid and spend time offline with your family, friends or just yourself. Have a great day. I'll be back soon with more cybersafe and savvy tips. … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 9: Getting the Digital Message RITE

Learning to communicate is a challenging thing. In the real world, we have people's faces and voices to guide us to the nuances of right and wrong but in the digital world we're very much on our own. As adults, we can rely on our life experience to guide us to how to post appropriately but our kids don't yet have that. So, it's not too surprising that digital mishaps occur with kids when posting … [Read more...]

Internet Safety Month Tips Week 4

Welcome to the final week of Internet Safety Month,and our final week of tips for 2013. You'll notice a theme in this week's tips. … [Read more...]

Internet Safety Month Tips Week 3

Two weeks down, two more weeks to go on this year's Internet Safety Month. Here's this week's tips: … [Read more...]