National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Turns 10!!

Happy Anniversary, Cyber Security Awareness Month! When this awareness month began ten years ago, our world was very, very different. So, it's not a surprise that beyond the theme of "Our Shared Responsibility", one of this year's themes is "10 Years and Beyond". Do you remember what you were doing online a decade ago? Did you have a cell  phone? Did you text? Here's my recollection of my … [Read more...]

Friday Digital Byte: Start Internet Safety Month with a Family Plan

  June is Internet Safety Month. With the school year winding down and the summer just about to start, this is a great time to take a step back and think about how your family uses digital media...especially things that go on line. Every family has it's own unique style for handling today's expanding digital life. Some families just go with the flow while others have a huge amount of … [Read more...]

Editor’s Corner: Back To School!

It's hard to not deny that summer is winding down and school is starting. I always find the more my kids dread the start of school the more it means summer was a success. I also have discovered that the angst over a new school year is a facade - most kids truly love getting back to school to see their friends and get back into activities put on hold for a few weeks to months. On the Pediatrics … [Read more...]

CyberSafe Book Event in Massachusetts

Have you had a chance to flip through CyberSafe so far? Do you have any questions for me on the world of kids on line or how your kids are dealing with their “digital stuff”? If so, if you live in Massachusetts or in driving distance of Framingham, MA, I hope you’ll swing by Barnes and Noble on November 16 at 7pm for my author event. I’ll be talking about CyberSafe, the latest digital headlines … [Read more...]

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