A Month of CyberSafety Tips

Whether a parent, an educator, a pediatrician, our "shared responsibility" when it comes to kids and the digital world is helping them become amazing digital citizens. That's now always an easy task because of the every changing nature of kids and the every changing technological world which tosses at us new technologies at a mind numbing pace. … [Read more...]

Internet Safety Month Week 2 Tips

How did your first week of Internet Safety Month go? Finding the tips useful? Last week, I gave you  the first 9 tips to get your on your way. This week, I have 7 more to get your through the next week. … [Read more...]

June is Internet Safety Month: Time to reboot our digital settings, safety and sanity

June is National Internet Safety Month. With the summer around the corner, this is actually the perfect time to pause and consider how we're doing with the myriad of safety issues we have to consider in today's digital world. … [Read more...]

CyberSafe and Savvy Tip 24: Digital Free Dinners

A few years ago I wrote a post about the value of tech-free dinners. With our world even more digital, our need to have a technology free zone as a family is even more crucial. There have been countless articles, such as this one in Time Magazine,  and books, such as "The Surprising Power of Family Meals",  and studies, on the topic all coming to the same, important conclusions: families meals … [Read more...]

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