CyberSecurity Tip 14: Wordless Wednesday – Teen Life

Teens waiting for dinner: do you sense a theme? A suggested rescue for your dinner: Try the phone stacking game. Have everyone in your family stack your phones on the counter or in the center of the table, face down, and focus on dinner and conversation.  Some families have modified this practice to put the phones in a basket. This will help you create a phone-free space for your family. … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 13: Staying Safe from Cybercrimes

Surveys have documented that 30% of US consumers have been victims of a cybercrime - things like identity theft, bullying, data hacking. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your family from this happening to you? First, you can embody a Cybersecurity Awareness Month theme:  Stop - Think - Connect.  This is really crucial to avoiding digital mishaps with other people and … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 12: Controlling Our Digital Footprints

We all have a digital footprint - a trail of digital data we leave behind after we are in the digital world.  A digital footprint is created by anything we do that is in the cloud or online in any way from using email, to snapping a digital picture, to buying something online, to going through a toll in your car and having it paid automatically via the device on your windshield.  Ideally, we would … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 12: TECH is the Word!

Staying safe online is a noble goal for all of us but as the digital world grows,it seems there's more and more to remember. Luckily, the basics haven't changed. If we all follow those simple online rules of the road and help our kids do the same, that's what will keep us safe and sound for the variety of settings we find ourselves in online: texting, emailing, social media posting, tweeting, … [Read more...]

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