CyberSecurity Tip 8: Decoding Texting in Teens

When I started my pediatric training, our first ward Attending looked at us during that first week as Interns and said to us "The thing you have to remember to stay sane and help parents stay sane is this...infants spit. It's just who they are and it's completely normal." If I were a ward Attending today, I'd offer the same advice to incoming Interns but with one additional line: "And, when … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 7: Words Can Be Online Stones

When I was researching and drafting CyberSafe,  most kids' first exposure to the digital world was email. Now, of course, texting and social media are how teens communicate today. The problem with online communication is it can move quickly from fun and conversational to negative and hurtful. Some of the negativity can be true cyberbullying which is intentional while other forms of negative … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 5: Dr. Gwenn’s Guide to Online Behavior

The best way to teach kids how to behave online is to behave appropriately online ourselves. If we are stellar examples of digital citizens and treat each other with respect online, our kids will pick up those behaviors and treat each other well, too. … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 4: Unplugged Sunday

When was the last time you were completely unplugged, even for an  hour? Well, today is your day to give it a try...because if you're reading this post, you are definitely not unplugged, and it's a weekend! … [Read more...]

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