Dr. Gwenn’s Updated Family Media Use Plan

In 2010, I created a Family Media Use Plan for my book CyberSafe. To mark the last day of  National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I want to share with you my revised Family Media Plan.  The focus of my new plan is to help your family live a good, balanced digital life. … [Read more...]

Rudeness in Aisle 3…is there an APP for that?

Have you noticed that our high tech lives either make us incredibly happy or incredibly testy? It’s like we’ve either had too much caffeine or not enough - in any given moment! We live a life of paradoxes. One of the most major ones concerns technology. On the one hand, we want a bit less of it at times. On the other, we want it to make our lives a bit easier. Striking the balance isn’t always … [Read more...]

In 2012, you have a choice: worry about your child’s health or empower your child to be healthy

No doubt we live in worry filled times. From the stock market to our kids, there’s no shortage of issues we can come up with to angst over in any given day. Interestingly, our collective concerns over our children and their health has been rock solid consistent the last few years, as demonstrated by the National Poll on Children’s Health compiled by the CS Mott Children’s Hospital. The poll’s top … [Read more...]

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