In 2012, you have a choice: worry about your child’s health or empower your child to be healthy

No doubt we live in worry filled times. From the stock market to our kids, there’s no shortage of issues we can come up with to angst over in any given day. Interestingly, our collective concerns over our children and their health has been rock solid consistent the last few years, as demonstrated by the National Poll on Children’s Health compiled by the CS Mott Children’s Hospital. The poll’s top … [Read more...]

Beavers and Bears in my Backyard: how Dr. Google helped with unwanted new neighbors

Living in the suburbs of Massachusetts, we have our fair share of wildlife. It’s what makes living here so amazing. In our backyard, we have a rabbit family, more chipmunks and squirrels than we can count, an array of birds, the occasional deer, and, of course, a few unwanted critters such as bats, snakes, bees, and the like. We’ve been in town for 12 years and this has been it for critters - … [Read more...]

On Line Health Forms Should Be For Patients, Not Health Professionals!

We had an interesting experience today. My husband is scheduled for a routine test tomorrow and was notified by letter that he had to register ahead of time for the test. The test is going to take place at our local hospital. The letter clear had instructions with the name of the test and department name as well as two ways to register: phone or internet. My husband opted for the internet route … [Read more...]

BlogHer 09 HealthCare By Committee Wrap-up, Part I

While at BlogHer 09, I had the wonderful experience to moderate the "Healthcare by Committee" panel on Saturday July 25, 2009. All the events were "Live Blogged". I'll share my insights on the session later this week but let me share with you the transcript of the session to catch you up on the amazing conversation we had with the participants: … [Read more...]