Friday Digital Byte: When Driving, Put The Cell Phone Away!

It’s sad and disturbing that a teen is being sent to jail due to texting because he killed someone while texting while driving. It’s the right decision by the court and the only decision given our always connected lives. While people refuse to turn off technology and put down those phones, what other decision could the judge have made? We have lost perspective. We are too distracted. We have … [Read more...]

Traffic School: Don’t run red and yellow lights!!

I live in an area where there are some fun areas to walk to. To get to my favorite rehydrating spot, I have to first cross one sticky intersection. What makes it sticky is this: This curious light combination is very common in Massachusetts so shouldn't cause any confusion to drivers who, like me, have been driving around the state for a long time, perhaps even for life. For those of you out of … [Read more...]

Say No to Texting and Driving. I did!

I have three questions for you about your ability to multitask while driving. Can you: Drive while reading, looking down and not looking at the road? Drive while typing, looking down, not looking at the road? Drive no handed because you are doing something else, perhaps looking down and typing on something? I'm assuming you answered a resounded "no" to all three questions and are wondering … [Read more...]

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