Bug Of The Month: Ear Pain (Otalgia)

Technical Name: otalgia NickName: ear pain Causes: ear pain is a symptom that doesn't always mean ear infection.  The most common causes of ear pain include: Ear infection Ear irritation of ear canal Fluid in ear building up pressure Foreign body in ear canal Pain from the  mouth or neck To learn more about the anatomy of the ear, click here. Diagnosis: examination by a doctor … [Read more...]

Treating Ear Infections: An Update

It used to be so easy – your child got sick, you took him to the doctor, an “ear infection” was diagnosed and an antibiotic was prescribed. And, sometimes, you were able to get an antibiotic “just in case” or over the phone. Nowadays the situation is so much more complicated it’s no wonder parents and doctors alike are confused. Not only is the diagnosis of an ear infection not as clear cut as you … [Read more...]