Want to be more healthy? Eat like some of the top docs!

One of my biggest challenges as a mom and a physician has been to stay healthy.  With our hectic lives, at home and work, and everyone coming and going, finding time to eat "healthy" and exercise is an everyday challenge. To think of it any other way just gets me in trouble. Perhaps that's one of the reasons, like so many women, I've suffered from the infamous yo-yo issue throughout my life. Its … [Read more...]

Supermodels Should Model. Doctors Should Give Health Advice. Ok?

There is a sort of kindred spirit among parents that can be wonderfully supportive. It can help other parents feel not so lost as they sort out issues with their own kids, regardless of age, and especially for first time and expectant parents. This special club of parents is most useful as a gigantic support group, though, just to listen, laugh and provide that well placed hug when the work of … [Read more...]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…or Calories!

Shopping for groceries the other day, my kids noticed this product that made us all stop in our tracks: Yes...this is a real product from a real major brand super market. … [Read more...]

Hidden Calories in School Lunches: it’s not what you think

Bloomberg posted yesterday that the New York school system is going to eliminate whole milk from their cafeterias to cut calories. 4.6 billion calories and 422 billion grams of fat will be eliminated from the menu by this plan. A good plan for the kids involved. Well, at least a good start. As the post notes, schools nationwide are working diligently to tweak menus and offer healthier … [Read more...]