Treating the flu in a year with an imperfect flu vaccine

You know it's here...the flu! People coughing and sneezing. Out from work and school. And, of course, the stories on the news about this year's flu vaccine mismatch between the circulating flu and the one in the the vaccine. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Flu Season Portable Survival Kit

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Where’s the flu shot? Ask Dr. Google!

Finding the flu shot lately, seasonal or H1N1, has become a modern day game of Where’s Waldo! In typical fashion, Dr. Google has come to the rescue with a new tool, Simply type in your location and up comes results for both seasonal and H1N1 clinics in your area, whether they have the vaccines now and when they will have them, if that information is available. … [Read more...]

Swine Flu and Back to School: Focus on Prevention

It used to be that we'd get all our kids settled back to school and then enjoy a bit of a pause before the other shoe fell with the inevitable concern over another flu season. With Swine Flu, Influenza H1N1 not taking a summer vacation and showing no signs of letting up, we didn't have that luxury this year. I went onto My Fox Boston this morning and talked with Keba Arnold about this very unique … [Read more...]