Bug Of The Month: Ear Pain (Otalgia)

Technical Name: otalgia NickName: ear pain Causes: ear pain is a symptom that doesn't always mean ear infection.  The most common causes of ear pain include: Ear infection Ear irritation of ear canal Fluid in ear building up pressure Foreign body in ear canal Pain from the  mouth or neck To learn more about the anatomy of the ear, click here. Diagnosis: examination by a doctor … [Read more...]

Bug Of The Month: Lyme Disease

Technical Names: Lyme Disease Lyme Map: Lyme has a definite geographic distribution. According to the CDC you'll find Lyme in these three areas: Northeast: Massachusetts to Maryland. North-central states: especially Wisconsin and Minnesota. West Coast: especially northern California. Nicknames: Lyme Disease, Lyme What it is: tick-borne infection from ticks of the Ixodes genussed by … [Read more...]

Finding A Doctor When Sick Away From Home

Never say never. One of these days it will happen, guaranteed. You will be on the trip of a life time, the very trip you’ve been planning for months, when suddenly you hear that poorly timed comment “Mom, I’m not feeling so great”. You’ll freeze and immediately think: “this can’t be happening!” We learned first hand just how paralyzing it can feel to have sickness strike on vacation just a few … [Read more...]

Bug of the Month: RSV Infection or Bronchiolitis

Technical Names: RSV Bronchiolitis NickNames: RSV, wheezing virus What it is: viral infection of the small airways of the lung; can cause a true viral pneumoniaas well. Typical Ages for Illness: All ages; most severe in young and premature infants and children with heart and lung problems including congenital heart disease and asthma. Interesting fact: all kids become infected by RSV by the age of … [Read more...]

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