Summer Tips for Having Fun and Staying Healthy

The lazy days of summer just about here officially but the wave is spreading across the country quickly as school ends for another year. Before we know it, warm weather will be upon all of us and summer plans will be in full swing. My favorite part of the summer is the change of pace from the school year. I try to adopt as much of the "lazy" from the motto "lazy days of summer" and encourage my … [Read more...]

Healthy Life Begins With Individual Changes

With the federal health reform bill inching closer to becoming a true law, it's still up for debate whether it will even begin to put a dent in turning around our very confusing, disjointed, expensive and chaotic health care system. The issue, of course, is that health insurance is not even the tip of the iceberg. Without reforming the innards of the health care system and giving people a … [Read more...]

The Importance of School Lunch

My family has a tradition of getting all our back-to-school shopping completed just before our big end of the summer vacation. Lunch boxes used to be big ticket back to school items but since my girls are tweens now, as Hilary Duff once sang, “that’s so yesterday”. Plus on most school days we’re lucky if their lunches make it from the frig to their backpacks! If only the choice of what to have … [Read more...]

Relaxing and Staying Unplugged as a Family

“Stop the World, I want to Get Off!” I remember seeing that play years and years ago at summer camp. That phrase runs through my mind a lot lately as the pace of things seems to speed up more and more. I recently got one of those “smart phones” – phone, email, camera gadget. It’s really cool and can connect me anywhere any time to anyone. But, do I really want to be that accessible? On the one … [Read more...]