Healthy Life Begins With Individual Changes

With the federal health reform bill inching closer to becoming a true law, it's still up for debate whether it will even begin to put a dent in turning around our very confusing, disjointed, expensive and chaotic health care system. The issue, of course, is that health insurance is not even the tip of the iceberg. Without reforming the innards of the health care system and giving people a … [Read more...]

Fit Tips: 3 Common Myths Keeping You From True Health!

Each January, people of all ages resolve to be more fit, eat healthier and dabble in some new and exciting hobbies that have been shelved for far too long. Living by a food, fitness and fun mentality is what I've always believed will fuel our souls and help us build in some moderation and restraint for each area. And, there's the rub! We mean well, we really do. But, more times than not, we undo … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions: 12 Months of Change with Small Changes, Big Results

Happy New Year! The arrival of a new year grants us another opportunity to tackle those issues we love to jot in our minds as important but somehow never quite accomplish as we had hoped. That’s the problem with most resolutions. They seem so daunting we basically freeze. What does work is making small changes in our lives that carry a punch for a long term health impact. Small change, Big Results … [Read more...]

12 Months of Change: Go Green In October for Family and World Health

We've always cared about the environment and have been a "go green" family at heart but have become more so as our girls have become older and come to the "go green" concept in their own way through what they've learned in school. "Going green" isn't just about saving the planet, which is incredibly important, it's about having a healthy environment for all living beings to lived in. The more we … [Read more...]

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