Valentine’s Day 2013 A bit more digital but just as sweet for everyone

Have you looked at candy hearts lately? Talk about a sign of the times! I hope the makers of those hears keep a box each year because they are the best documentation we have of the state of teen and tween life from year to year. Among the typical sayings: I love you, Call Me,  Rock On, Marry Me, Puppy Love, First Kiss, Honey Pie, Awesome, Head over Heels, Friends 4 Ever, Good Times, Heart Throb … [Read more...]

Enjoying Holiday Buffets…Safely!

‘Tis the season to be jolly...and to shop, wait in check out lines, and eat at just about every type of buffet that exists. Buffets are a lot of fun and can expose you and your family to some amazing gourmet food that you may have the chance to experience otherwise. At the same time, they can be incredibly risky for your healthy if you're not careful and at a bit more ba-humbug than you are … [Read more...]

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America!! … [Read more...]

Friday Digital Byte: This Mother’s Day, don’t forget to send mom a text!

Technology sometimes gets a bad rap but the truth is it can be one of the best ways to stay in touch with the people we care about. Whether’s it’s a quick, “hi” or a reminder to your kids about that appointment after school, I find some forms of technology, especially texting, can be incredibly powerful. So, this Sunday, on Mother's Day, send Mom a text. And, if you want to add a special … [Read more...]