Smart Holiday Decorating

While decorating the house is at the core of what makes holiday gatherings so wonderful, the very items that bring the winter holidays to life also contain a great many dangers. Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday decorating season. From there, holiday gatherings become the norm and houses become adorned with signs of the season marking the traditions important to each of us. It truly can … [Read more...]

Talking To Kids About The Economy and The Holidays

With the holidays upon us and our country still facing a challenging economic crisis, many families are struggling with how to balance celebrating and spending without disappointing their children. From news stories to Facebook postings, families are expressing clear concern for how to celebrate this year, what to buy for their kids and how much money to spend. They want to be honest with their … [Read more...]

Rosh Hashanah Musings: The Power of Traditions

Traditions embody so much of Rosh Hashanah that it seems fitting I republish this post each fall, on this day. And, before you ask...yes! I do know where Nana's table cloth is this year :) L'Shana Tova. ~ Dr. Gwenn … [Read more...]

Keep the blasting to the experts this 4th of July!

I love 4th of July - it is truly one of my favorite holidays with fireworks, people gathering with their families and the Boston Pops playing on the Esplanade in Boston. Whether we venture into the city to gather with the crowds or watch the event from home, everyone ends up going to bed happily exhausted. … [Read more...]