Sparingly & rarely is my advice on OTC med use in kids

Here we go again. Another flu season is barely underway and new concerns emerge on the safety of OTC medication dosing in children. This time, though, not because of a recall or untoward event  but  from a study. Released recently in JAMA, this new study highlights what has been suspected for a while - that dosing in OTC medications is incredibly variable due to inconsistencies from bottle to … [Read more...]

How much Tylenol or Motrin can I safely give my child?

Q) Dr. Gwenn: I have an 11month old son who weighs 20lbs. How much Tylenol or Motrin can I give him? Thanks! AC, Massachusetts … [Read more...]

Help grandma organize her pills for her safety and your children’s.

If you are a family with kids and have grandparents or great grandparents alive, you likely enjoy visiting with your relatives from time to time. While your small children may not always get much out of these visits, especially while very young, they do wonders for our older relatives who so enjoy visits from family and delight in seeing us become parents and expand our families. I remember … [Read more...]