Understanding family & friends food allergies

I’ve always been sensitive to food allergies having had friends whose children have had all sorts of allergies. We’d adjust menus and restaurants to make sure everyone is safe and happy without blinking ann eye. I didn’t realize just to what extent not everyone understands the importance of being so flexible and understanding until I began my journey into gluten-free living a bit over a year ago … [Read more...]

The War Within: The Truth About Food Allergies

My daughter made a simple request for her 10th birthday – to bring in Dunkin' Hines triple chocolate brownies to share with her class. What more could a busy mom ask for? Easy to prepare, quick to cook and “homemade” all from one little box. But what about the kids in the class with food allergies? Her best friend in that class was deathly allergic to egg-whites. My daughter's friend had grown … [Read more...]

Kids and Milk: the scoop on flavoring and calcium

Got milk? Most refrigerators do, but most kids’ bodies do not once they get past the ripe old age of 2. It’s like an unspoken force in the universe that says to all toddlers at some point “thou shall not drink milk!”  With future bone health at stake, the path to breaking this force within our kids turns out to be one of the most counter intuitive, yet simple methods there is: flavoring the milk. … [Read more...]

Battling Childhood Obesity By Focusing on Health and Fitness

Fostering healthy eating and fitness is often a wrestling match of Olympic proportions. In one corner, our kids highly motivated but under trained in the rules of health. In the other, the tag team of activity and food which can change as fast as a chameleon from working for the health of your child to a pure health enemy. You never know what you’ll get in the ring – exercise or video games. … [Read more...]

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