To High School Graduates: Education First, Career Choice Second!

It's here again...high school graduation season. That annual rite of passage for high schoolers coast to coast to embark upon that much anticipated journey from home to that first true independent step outside the safety net of their childhood homes and communities. What always amazes me is the pressure high school kids feel as they embark upon this journey and how often I hear these kids express … [Read more...]

Hidden Calories in School Lunches: it’s not what you think

Bloomberg posted yesterday that the New York school system is going to eliminate whole milk from their cafeterias to cut calories. 4.6 billion calories and 422 billion grams of fat will be eliminated from the menu by this plan. A good plan for the kids involved. Well, at least a good start. As the post notes, schools nationwide are working diligently to tweak menus and offer healthier … [Read more...]

Juggling Back to School Schedules Sanely!!

Feeling frantic with the back to school frenzy already? You are in good company! I just returned from My Fox Boston where Kim Carrigan and I talked about a potpourri of topics on all of our minds this week from juggling schedules to finding time for family meals to how to keep our kids active and eating healthy with such crazy schedules. We're both in this with you and are facing these exact … [Read more...]