The AAP Social Media Clinical Report: what it’s really about

By now you’ve seen all the headlines about last spring's new AAP clinical report and “Facebook Depression”. I’m sure those sound bytes and headlines caused you to stop your channel surfing and click on a webpage or two, which created a firestorm of media buzz. Unfortunately, it also created a great deal of confusion that I’m certain I can help with. How can I be so certain? Because I’m the lead … [Read more...]

Friday Digital Byte: To Friend or not To Friend

How many Facebook Friends do you have? How do you decided “to Friend” someone, or to accept a “Friend” request? I recently received a chilling email from someone I met at a conference retelling a real life event that happenend to one of her Facebook Friends. She logged on one day and noticed this Friend, someone she knew from long ago, had posted “Good Bye, everyone. I’ve had enough.” … [Read more...]

Friday Digital Byte: Is your digital message RITE?

We spend a good amount of time sending a receiving digital messages each and every day. From quite texts that amount to “LOL” to more elaborate emails, tweets and Facebook posts, our social lives have shifted from landlines, kitchen tables and even coffee shops to these virtual gathering spots. … [Read more...]

Tweet Seats coming to a theatre near you

Tweet Seats. A hard-to-believe it exists new trend that is so surreal you want to pinch yourself to be sure you're not asleep and dreaming. … [Read more...]