Don’t Forget Fun and Free Time This Summer For Your Kids

A couple years ago, I watched a fantastic episode of┬áChronicle HD just around the time school was getting out for the summer. During that show, the host, Ted Reinstein, concluded with a particularly witty and poignant on air column: "Let Summer Be Summer". The entire show was about summer and Ted had just a few opinions about what that should be about for kids. Here are a few highlights from the … [Read more...]

Bug Of The Month: Lyme Disease

Technical Names: Lyme Disease Lyme Map: Lyme has a definite geographic distribution.┬áAccording to the CDC you'll find Lyme in these three areas: Northeast: Massachusetts to Maryland. North-central states: especially Wisconsin and Minnesota. West Coast: especially northern California. Nicknames: Lyme Disease, Lyme What it is: tick-borne infection from ticks of the Ixodes genussed by … [Read more...]

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