KidZone: Homework Helpers

Here is a list of website parents and kids have found helpful for homework. For further information about any of these sites, please refer to the websites. … [Read more...]

Kelping Kids with “Text-iquette”

Do your kids text? My youngest teen has a friend who loves to text but doesn't get that it exists on a phone that 1. has an off switch 2. belongs to a person who may be busy when the text comes in an unable to return the text right away. So, there has been some lags in returning texts with this friend and some texts have been missed. Inevitably, about once a day, almost like clock … [Read more...]

Friday Digital Byte: To Friend or not To Friend

How many Facebook Friends do you have? How do you decided “to Friend” someone, or to accept a “Friend” request? I recently received a chilling email from someone I met at a conference retelling a real life event that happenend to one of her Facebook Friends. She logged on one day and noticed this Friend, someone she knew from long ago, had posted “Good Bye, everyone. I’ve had enough.” … [Read more...]

Friday Digital Byte: Are you TECH savvy?

New this week, Pediatrics Now is serving up a new feature, Digital Bytes...a small snapshot of advice aimed to help you and your family negotiate our expanding 24/7 digital world - which includes ways to disconnect.  From the online to the offline world, each Friday I'll give you a new Digital Byte to inspire, educate, and, sometimes, even get you to laugh. Here week go...the inaugural Digital … [Read more...]

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