KidZone: Homework Helpers

Here is a list of website parents and kids have found helpful for homework. For further information about any of these sites, please refer to the websites. … [Read more...]

Friday Digital Byte: Is your digital message RITE?

We spend a good amount of time sending a receiving digital messages each and every day. From quite texts that amount to “LOL” to more elaborate emails, tweets and Facebook posts, our social lives have shifted from landlines, kitchen tables and even coffee shops to these virtual gathering spots. … [Read more...]

Backpacks: Today’s Fashion or Fashion Disaster

Today's school backpacks are an amazing amalgam of fashion and function - with sometimes a dash of technology as many seem to come either prewired for ear phones or with a special place for them. As our kids move through elementary school and beyond, the look of this bag becomes as important as what is inside – and perhaps even more so. Today's backpacks remind me of Hermione Granger's purse - … [Read more...]

Saying “Farewell” to Harry Potter and Friends

Are you going to see Harry Potter this weekend? How are your kids dealing with the “end” of this much beloved decade long saga? If your kids are like mine, they’ve been counting down the days until the opening of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II”. This is not a new phenomenon for my we’ve experienced the same lead up excitement with all the prior movies. The difference … [Read more...]